Best of All Possible Worlds

In May, I had the privilege of singing my first Cunegonde in Candide in my debut with Portland Opera.  This was an incredible experience for so many reasons. Most importantly, because of Portland Opera's passionate dedication in presenting top notch productions and also because I was able to work with some fantastic colleagues:  Robert Orth, Jonathan Boyd, Ann McMahon-Quintero and Mark Thomsen to name a few.  We were presenting Christoper Mattaliano's production and also had the pleasure to be directed by him as well.  This is a beautiful production and I was delighted to be a part of it!

 At the first orchestra dress rehearsal, Portland Opera also invited some local artists to sit in the audience and sketch what they saw.  Here are some of the highlights, courtesy of Joelle Jones, Dylan Meconis and Micah Henrie...

 You can also check out all the artist's work here:

Rachele Gilmore